Dan Cohen, a successful executive with a background in both retail and wholesale from the garment center moved to Boca Raton from Beverly Hills in 1994.  He was considered a top costume designer and set designer in the movie and television industry as well as the "go to" guy for image consulting.  
After joining one of Palm Beach's commercial real estate firms, Dan found a glaring gap for key executives to network.  Noticing this gap Dan set forth to fill this gap.  With a surprising major lack of C-level executive networking in Palm Beach County, Dan sought to fill the void.  Yes, there were the chambers but that wasn't the target he wished.  There were plenty of lead groups seeking non-management introductory sources but Dan sought a relationship driven concept.
And so he bided his time until  August of 2005, whereby 10 of his major contacts took him to lunch.  They broached him on starting a C-level relationship group.  Dan, having been brought up in the business world through "national accounts development" and known for his ability to meet decision makers commenced to formed Tri County Networking Group, Inc.  TCNG, a positive executive relationship organization was started.  He agreed to accept the project and by the time he returned from the luncheon he had already grown from 10 to 13 members.  
And so the word spread.  Within the first year in Boca alone, 35 people joined the New Tri County Networking Group.  In the second year North Palm Beach opened and had 23 members and Broward surpassed all expectations with 43.   In South Florida alone Tri County Networking group has in excess of 175 members and still growing.
He's just opened another chapter to satisfy in West Palm Beach needs.  TCNG now has chapters in Orlando, Tampa, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Seattle and opening in Minneapolis, Chicago and 3 chapters in Ohio by the end of 2013.  
Dan has a simple philosophy, return ALL phone calls.  You never can tell who's on the other end.