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"Expose your fellow members to your client base. They will reciprocate...

It's just that simple."



Trust leads to a stronger willingness and a greater desire to exchange referrals. Trust is the foundation for the group and a necessary element for having an effective and profitable network.

Members operate in a manner which exemplifies respect towards their fellow professionals and their client referrals. Members treat others as they would like to be treated.

The fundamental reason for the group is to influence and generate income for each other through referrals by way of clients and centers of influence.

The group’s long-term goal is to develop a strong working relationship among its membership. This can only be accomplished if all members show commitment towards each other by attending and actively participating in the monthly meetings.

Members have an obligation to be professional in all business dealings. They also have an obligation to attend each and every monthly meeting. Members must follow-up on any referrals that were received and keep the person who provided the referral updated with his or her progress.

A united group promotes sales collaboration and marketing strength through solid individual relationships. These relationships will then help take each member’s business further than he or she could get on their own by serving as each other’s sales and marketing force. A tangible sign of unity is the carrying of each member’s business cards at all times.

Members pledge to open their networks to other members in order the increase the number of opportunities made possible by client referrals and center of influence introductions. In addition to the monthly meetings, networks are expanded and referrals are given during individual one-on-one meetings and separate break-out sessions.

Time is the most valuable asset. Time should be respected during any and all dealings with other members. A deep respect for other people’s time should also be applied to client referrals that have been received.

You are responsible for evaluating and understanding the powerful potential that membership in the Tri-County Networking Group holds. A sincere commitment to the T.R.I. C.O.U.N.T.Y. “Esprit de Corps” will lead to a longstanding and profitable relationship with the group and all of its members.




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