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May 14, 2012

Barbar Financial Minute

By : John Barbar

When reading a book this week, How To Become A Rainmaker by Jeffrey J. Fox, the chapter entitled Ten Things To Do Today To Get Business was helpful. 

Here are Jeffrey’s 10 things:

1.    Send a handwritten note
2.    Clip and send an article of interest
3.    Talk to a satisfied client and ask who else you might help
4.    Send a thank you gift to someone who referred you
5.    Give your business card to someone with influence
6.    Send a letter to the editor of a magazine your customers read
7.    Add fifteen people to your mailing list
8.    Leave a compelling voice mail
9.    Make an appointment
10.    Call a client you haven’t talked to in two years

This list is a great reminder of some activities, when done consistently and intentionally will yield results.
Live Passionately!

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